🚀 Crowdfunding is a wildly underrated strategy to launch new products on the market WITHOUT traditional risks.

💰 Minimize your financial risk - get the market to fund new product development AND still make generous PROFITS!

💡 Guarantee market demand and validate ideas - let the market tell you and pull out their wallets to prove it!

🏎️ Supercharge your launch - raise $10,000s or even $100,000s in 30-60 day sprints. Fund manufacturing AND inject revenue into your brand.

🏛️ Set a solid foundation for your brand - with boat-loads of social proof and cash-flow for investing. So you can scale on marketplaces, AMAZON, or your own sales channels.

“The Go-to crowdfunding guy!”

I was struggling to decide which product to pursue and worried about wasting my time and money on unproven ideas. But Don showed me how he’s been using crowdfunding to gauge market demand and get products fully funded. His transparency and in-depth advice was invaluable - I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as the go-to crowdfunding guy!

  • Thomas Strand


“Opened my eyes to massive opportunities”

I’ve always had ideas I wanted to turn into products but I struggled to make them a reality. It seemed too complicated and I didn’t want to put all my money into it. Then Don told me about his experiences crowdfunding. It opened my eyes to massive opportunities I didn’t think were possible for me. His insights and recommendations boosted my confidence and gave me much needed clarity.

  • Anthony Rowley


“Excited to be working on my first campaign!”

I wanted to build a new brand but was held back by the investment and difficulty of launching something new. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off and didn’t want to risk it. Then Don explained how crowdfunding was a great way to fund products and launch profitably. Now I’m really excited to be working on my first campaign under his guidance!

  • Todd Barlow


What is Crowdfunding?

Reward-based Crowdfunding involves groups of individuals making small monetary contributions toward a project in return fro rewards. This can range from token “thank you’ gifts all the way to full production versions of the finished product.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the most well-know crowdfunding platforms.

Your campaign can be funded by 10s, 100s or even 1000s of individuals from around the world. But unlike traditional fundraising, there’s no financial or equity stake provided to contributors. So you keep complete ownership of the company, product and all profits.

What Can I Crowdfund?

All kinds of ideas or products can be crowdfunded. You just need to be able to show backers a prototype of what you’re making and have a clear defined goal for your campaign.

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